I've been web designing amateurly since I was 15 years old - that's around 2002. I got started by making various sites on Geocities. I slowly taught myself how to code, and I found a friend [Lindsay] who taught me to use Paintshop Pro to make graphics and layouts.

Ever since then I've had countless websites:,,,,,,, and many, many others. I am a domain addict. I currently own 2 domains: and my main one, My fanlisting collective is located at (the domain) has been around since August 08, 2009. It is currently was extremely happily hosted with WizzerdWerks on a grandfathered hosting plan created on February 19, 2007. I seriously could not be more pleased with a webhost. I submitted a ticket on Christmas Day and my issue was fixed within a couple hours. I would recommend them to everyone, everywhere.

However when I got back into fanlistings, I needed a host with unlimited space and subdomain capabilities, so I moved my sites over to DreamHost - and they currently reside there very happily. I will always renew my hosting with Wizzerdwerks and will probably use it for something one of these days. c: